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Bricktronics Mounting Plates

In order to combine your Arduino with your LEGO bricks, you need a way physically connect the two. We’ve created a series of mounting plates with a grid of Technic holes around the outside, and mounting holes for non-LEGO components in the middle.

We have a variety of mounting plates available for purchase in our store. You can also make your own!

The mounting plates we sell at our store are laser cut out of 1/8″ (a bit over 3mm) plywood. Using this thickness, the plate can fit a half bushing and still stay within a nominal LEGO brick height.

Making your own

If you have a laser cutter, you can use our files directly. If not, you can print them out and use them as templates.

You can create your own with a drill (drill press, preferably) and a variety of substrates–MDF, tempered hardboard, plywood. You may even be able to make one out of cardboard!

The bitbeam folks made an Arduino mounting plate, and they offered a fun suggestion. If you print the templates out on sticker paper, you can stick the template directly onto your surface so it won’t move around.

We’ve released the designs as Creative Commons ShareAlike with Attribution, so feel free to print them out, cut your own, sell them, mash them up, but any “derivative works” should be released under the same license, and you should credit us.

Template Details

The designs of these mounting plates are provided in both SVG and PDF format. If you view the SVG files in your browser, some of the lines might not show up, due to their thinness. The cut lines are set to hairline width, as required for laser cutting.

A 1″ square is included to confirm scaling if you convert the files into another format. If you are using Corel Draw for controlling your laser cutter, we suggest importing the PDF into Corel Draw to avoid scaling issues.

Arduino UNO (and compatible) Mounting Plate

Download SVGDownload PDFPurchase from W&L Store

Arduino Mega 2560 (and compatible) Mounting Plate

Download SVGDownload PDFPurchase from W&L Store

6-AA Battery Holder Mounting Plate

Download SVGDownload PDFPurchase from W&L Store

Keytar Pushutton Mounting Plate

We made a mounting plate for the small pushbutton we use in the Keytar project of “Make: Lego and Arduino Projects.”

Download SVGDownload PDFPurchase from W&L Store

Note: Wayne and Layne, LLC and our products are not connected to or endorsed by the LEGO Group. LEGO, Mindstorms, and NXT are trademarks of the LEGO Group.