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Bricktronics 6AA Battery Pack


This battery holder holds 6 AA batteries. With fresh alkaline batteries, this will provide 9V. With rechargables, it will provide about 7.2V. This will provide enough current to run two motors when being used with the Bricktronics Shield. Now available for purchase in the Wayne and Layne Store!

Build it!
If you purchased the unassembled version, it requires basic through-hole soldering skills. You’ll need a soldering iron, and solder. To connect the DC plug to the battery holder requires two easy solder connections. It usually takes less than ten minutes to build, but it may take more or less time depending upon your experience with soldering.

1. You need to separate the DC plug from the shroud that screws over it. Just twist to separate them. Don’t forget to put the shroud over the wires BEFORE you solder them to the plug! If you have some small heatshrink that you want to use, now is the time to put it over each wire and/or both together.

Shroud first!

2. Use a pliers to bend each of the wires into a little hook shape.

Shroud first!

3. Stick the red wire through the hole in the smaller piece of metal (in the middle), and bend the wire back on itself. Solder it down with a bit of solder, so it looks like the image below:

Solder the red wire

4. Put the black wire through the hole in the larger outer piece of metal and bend the wire back on itself. Solder it down like before, but you might need more solder and heat for this one.

Solder the black wire

5. Screw the shroud over the soldered plug, and that’s it, you’re done! You might have to bend the two pieces of metal slightly inward to make them fit inside the shroud, but make sure they don’t touch each other!


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