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Minco Million Flex Trade Show Demo

by Wayne on March 3, 2020

We haven’t been able to talk about many of the contract projects at Wayne and Layne, but we’re starting to change that!

Minco is an engineering company in Fridley that really does a lot–flex PCBs, heaters, temperature sensors… They hired Wayne and Layne to make a flashy trade show demo, which would repeatedly flex one of their flex circuits over a roller. It keeps track of the total run time and number of flexes, and it needs to be able to track more than a million flexes before rolling over.

It’s got an edge-lit laser-etched acrylic face that’s lit in an ever-changing rainbow, big chonky seven-segment displays, carbon fiber rods, and with its fancy Trinamic motor drivers, it’s very quiet.  Many of the parts are 3D printed, which really helped speed up development time.

Take a look!

When kids sit still to watch something flashy, you know you’ve got a winner!
The edge-lit laser-etched acrylic turned out even better than we hoped!
The subtle crowning on the pulley there keeps the flex circuit centered.
Slider image

Crowned Pulley and Flex

Slider image

Side View

Slider image

PCB and Wiring Harnesses

Slider image

Nearly Ready to Ship in a Pelican Case!

If this looks like something you need, get in touch!

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