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BP20422 Breakout Board

by Layne on April 6, 2011

We were recently contacted by Jeff Rowberg, who’s working on the very cool Keyglove project, about our previous work with the BP20422 bluetooth module breakout board. He was looking for a breakout board similar to what we were doing, but was interested in a breadboard-compatible version. Wayne and Layne quickly whipped up a new breadboard-compatible version of the breakout board. Jeff wrote up a great blog post about the new breakout board, and his experiences with slightly-different modules.

We’ve received a few messages asking if we’re selling the breakout boards, or if the design files are available anywhere. We’ve decided to release the design as open source hardware, much like our other kits. While we aren’t selling them as kits right now (we may in the future) here is a ZIP archive of the Kicad design files for the schematic and PCB:

If you’re interested in getting this PCB fabricated, we highly recommend the most-excellent PCB service offered by @laen.

Here’s the Bill of Materials (BOM) for the circuit board, with links to the mouser part we’ve used in the past (only for non-standard parts):

Quantity Description PCB label
1 330 ohm resistor R1
1 2.2 uF capacitor C1
2 10k ohm resistor R2, R3
2 0.1 uF ceramic capacitor C2, C3
2 68 uF electrolytic capacitor C4, C5
1 BP20422 module U1
1 Blue LED D1
1 6 mm pushbutton switch SW1
48 Standard 0.1″ header pins P1-P6

Update: Thanks to Jeff for leaving a comment with a link to a better capacitor that will fit better on the PCB. Thanks, Jeff!

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  1. Awesome, guys! You can also get by with these capacitors for C4 and C5, which fit better with each other on the board:

  2. Excellent, thanks for the better part, Jeff!

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