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Open Source Hardware Logo in Kicad

by Wayne on April 7, 2011

Yo dawg, we herd you like open source...

Today, the open source hardware logo was chosen via poll.

Wayne and Layne uses and loves Kicad, an open source ECAD program for laying out our PCBs. A while ago, we wrote an open source web and standalone app called img2mod that can convert images to Kicad modules, suitable for putting on silkscreen layers (or copper or anything else).

This afternoon, I took a few minutes and put a few different sizes of this logo into a library that anyone can include in their Kicad project and brand their PCB as open source hardware.

So, if you’d like to make your PCBs with an open source PCB layout tool, we heartily recommend Kicad (although we hear geda is pretty good too).

The logo library is up on our github, in a new Open-Source-Hardware-Logos-for-Kicad repository.

Note: we haven’t tried these yet (it’s only been official since this morning!), but we’ll continue to refine them as we try them on real boards.

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  1. Sonanya Tatikola permalink

    Dear Developers,
    Congratulations!KiCAD is a great job.I think it is very useful.I do have a idea for making it even better,but need one of the KiCAD developers to contact me back.I have sent them emails,to & but they hav’nt responded yet.Could you please help.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sonanya Tatikola

  2. Sonanya,

    Sorry, but we aren’t really developers of Kicad. I do know that you must be a subscriber to the mailing lists before you can send email to the mailing list, so that may have been your problem. Also, keep in mind that all the developers are volunteers with their own ideas and vision for the project, and are much more likely to welcome input when it comes with good documentation and rationale, and even better if it comes with patches to the source code to add or fix whatever you’ve had ideas about. You can also submit bug or feature request tickets through the Launchpad website for kicad. Good luck!

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