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Beta test for Wayne and Layne!

by Wayne on February 2, 2011

Free hardware!

We’re looking at producing some of our upcoming kits in vast vast numbers (for us), and to reduce our risk, we want to get the hardware in a bunch of people’s hands to see what they think.

We hope to send out some hardware to folks within a few weeks, have them build our kit, play with it for a little bit, and then have them give us some feedback.

The kits are blinky and awesome, and should take less than an hour to assemble and less than half an hour to play with.

To do so, we made a little form for folks to apply. Don’t feel intimidated by the questions–we’re looking for a wide batch of folks, not just the ones with the most experience.

We’re looking to make our decisions soon, so don’t delay! The form shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to fill out.

Wayne and Layne Beta Test Application

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  1. Josh M permalink

    I’d love to help, but, damn, that’s a lot of questions. (Smells like an SMD kit, though, which is awesome. I’ve been considering moving to all-SMD for Applied Platonics after seeing how well the Surface Mount Badge was received)

  2. Dave permalink

    Clever idea – beta test, advertising all rolled into one!

  3. Fred De La Peña permalink

    Please consider me as a tester. I have very limited hardware experience but am interested in kit type projects to share with my son.



  4. Chris Crosswhite permalink

    Blinkies! what can be bad about that! (Retired in DC).

  5. Jacob permalink

    I signed up about a month ago and haven’t heard any updates are you still sending beta’s?

  6. Layne permalink

    Don’t worry, we haven’t selected any beta testers yet. We had a two week delay as our boards were out partying during Chinese New Year.

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