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Arduino Tetris on the Video Game Shield

by Wayne on January 10, 2011

Myles recently ported an open Tetris clone to the Arduino. We added support for the Nunchuck (so now it works with both the Nunchuck and the Classic Controller) as well as music!

It’s available in our regular library zip, as well as on github.

Buy the Video Game Shield add-on for the Arduino for $22.50 in the Wayne and Layne store today!

Arduino Tetris on a Video Game Shield

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  1. Christopher permalink

    I am having a lot of trouble with the examples given with the libraries for this shield. I installed all the folders correctly into the libraries folder, but the program keeps bring up this error: tetris.ino:1:19: fatal error: TVout.h: No such file or directory. Just to mention I am also using the Arduino Leonardo, so is this only because the program cant find the file, or is this shield not compatible with the Leonardo?

  2. Hi Christopher, I suggest posting on the W&L forum to get support:

    However I will say that the Leonardo is not officially supported. There was another person named Chris asking about this, so perhaps it was you?

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