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Hello world!

by Layne on May 12, 2010

Welcome to the new Wayne and Layne website! We make open source hardware kits, meaning that all the schematics, PCB artwork, and source code are provided under open licenses. Our first kit, the Tactile Metronome, is an easy-to-make tap tempo metronome and beat looper, using all through-hole parts (easy to solder) with a professionally-made printed circuit board (PCB). It’s pretty fun to play with, too.

Tactile Metronome

One of the distinguishing aspects of our kits is the clear and engaging explanations. One of the underlying principles of open source hardware is the ability for others to make modifications and release them. We foster this ability wholeheartedly, through our choice of licensing, file formats, and tools, and our down-to-earth explanations. We want to help anyone interested in this exciting field get the foundation they need.

LED  Persistence of Vision

The three seven-segment displays are multiplexed, or turned on one at a time at a fast pace.

LED Multiplexing

This timing diagram helps illustrate the on-off timings of the individual display digits.

We’ve got a bunch of new kits on the way, so check back soon for the details! Even better, you can follow our progress on RSS or Twitter using the links at the top of the page.

Wayne and Layne, LLC was founded by Adam Wolf (, @adamwwolf) and Matthew Beckler (, @mbeckler), two computer engineering graduates of the University of Minnesota. We love playing around with microcontrollers, and are continually amazed and inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of the maker community.

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  1. L. Beckler permalink

    Impressive website. Nice job! Easy to move through, clear and easy to read, even for a “newbie” or “wannabe”. Congratulations, good luck ahead with your products!

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