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Poofy Adventure, a new Video Game Shield game by trodoss

by Layne on September 2, 2012

Every discussion forum on the web is only as good as its best members, and Wayne and Layne has been very fortunate to have forum member trodoss contributing to the W&L forum. In addition to being very quick to help answer other’s questions and helping us flag and remove spam posts, trodoss has contributed a couple of really cool games for the Video Game Shield. This is the second post highlighting the outstanding work trodoss has done in designing new games for the Video Game Shield. Yesterday we talked about the top-down adventure game (like the Legend of Zelda) Elventure.

Today’s game is called Poofy Adventure, and is a side-scrolling “platformer adventure game where Poofy gathers up fruit while avoiding snakes.” It’s been quite challenging (I haven’t gotten very far so far) and the use of realistic jumping physics is quite impressive!

You can download Poofy Adventure from the trodoss-arduino repository at Google Project Hosting. Here is the link to the latest Poofy Adventure code, you simply need to download the zip archive and unzip into a “poofy_adventure” folder in your Arduino sketchbook directory. We’ve incorporated the code into the Video Game Shield code archive on our download page and in the W&L Github repository.

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