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Classic Controller library added to Video Game Shield

by Layne on October 31, 2010

The first major update to the Video Game Shield software is adding support for the Nintendo Classic Controllers. They are very similar to the Nunchuck controllers, and plug in with the same locking connector.

Classic Controller with Video Game Shield

As with the Nunchuck library, full support for all buttons and joysticks is included. With 15 buttons, two joysticks, and two pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons, the Classic Controller should give you all the buttons you need for an awesome homemade video game!

The ClassicController library includes a example Arduino sketch to demonstrate reading from the controller by printing out the current button and joystick values over the serial port at 9600 baud. The screenshot below shows the sketch’s text output.

Classic Controller Llibrary screenshot

The new library is available as part of the Wayne and Layne Video Game Shield libraries download ZIP file, located on the download page.

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