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Laen’s PCB Order

by Wayne on August 24, 2010

Laen runs a periodic board order. People submit designs, and monthly (or sooner) he panelizes them and has them sent out. They have nice soldermask and silkscreen, but we were basically forced to turn to Laen’s order to prototype one of our upcoming kits. While there are a variety of hobbyist and small-scale PCB options, ranging from BatchPCB (which is great) and ExpressPCB (which is not) at the smallest scale, to ordering a 12 inch by 12 inch panel from Golden Phoenix, Laen’s is the only board order we’ve found that will do cutouts like what we needed on the Video Game Shield.

Laen also has some nice comments about the Video Game Shield:

How cool! The attention to detail is really excellent. The Wiichucks even click onto the board, rather than hanging loosely like with some Wiichuck adapters. I really like that it has prototyping space in the middle for expansion, too.

Laen’s nerdy blog is the “Temple of the Demented Diode,” while the PCB order stuff is located at If you’re looking for a way to get updates via RSS, he filters them out of the main blog rss, so you’ll have to subscribe to to get those.

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