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Greetings, Amp Hour Listeners!

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Adam, the “Wayne” of Wayne and Layne, was interviewed on episode #167 of The Amp Hour, a pretty cool electronics podcast. Chris and Adam talked about working as an engineer, LEGO robotics, getting people into electronics, and a bunch of other nerdy things.

Blinky blink

Towards the end, they talked about the Blinky kits we have at Wayne and Layne. They’re an excellent introduction to soldering, and can be used to initiate new folks into the DIY electronics nerdery we love so much.

Just a reminder, the easiest kit of ours to solder is the Blinky POV, and can usually be assembled in between fifteen minutes and an hour, depending upon your experience. The Blinky Grid kit is the same “difficulty”, but it takes longer to solder. These two kits only require a few tools, like a soldering iron and some solder, and a diagonal cutters. The SMT kits are a little more difficult, and usually are assembled with more tools, like tweezers and solder wick.

Blinky GRID

They can all be reprogrammed optically through the Blinky Programming website.

We have a lot more on our website about our Blinky kits, but if you have any more questions, feel free to fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you!