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Build Instructions, Page 6 / 6

Looking for shorter instructions? Look no further. We’ve prepared a shorter page with the suggested soldering order.

Step 11: Shield header pins

You should have received a long row of “breakaway” header pins. You can insert one end into each section of your Arduino’s pin sockets, and then break away the extra pins. When you’ve added all the header pins into your Arduino’s sockets, place the Video Game Shield on top of the header pins, and solder it down. This process ensures that the pins are aligned properly with an Arduino.

Breakaway pin headersBreakaway pin headers

Solder in pin headersBreakaway pin headers

Step 12:

Give the completed board a final look over, checking for loose solder connections or shorted pads. Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of a new Video Game Shield. Hook it up to your TV and give it a try!

All finished!