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Build Instructions, Page 4 / 6

Looking for shorter instructions? Look no further. We’ve prepared a shorter page with the suggested soldering order.

Step 6: Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Insert and solder the LED, labeled D1 on the PCB. It is polarized, so be sure to put the longer (positive) lead in the hole with the square outline, on the right side of the part. Bend the leads so it doesn’t fall out, then solder and clip the leads.

Bend and solder LED leadsLocation of LED

Step 7: Reset button

The reset button is used to reset the Arduino, since the Video Game Shield obstructs the Arduino’ own reset button. It might be easier to put the button in place if you first straighten the leads with a pliers. The button belongs just below the LED from the previous step.

Location of reset buttonStraighten button leads

Step 8: Mosfet transistors

There are three Mosfet transistors in the Video Game Shield, used to help switch between the two Nunchucks. These are three-pin devices, and are polarized. Each one has a flat side, which should be aligned with the flat side of the drawing on the board. Bend the leads slightly so they fit into the holes. Solder them in and trim the leads. Now would be a good time to ensure that you have trimmed all the leads properly. Take a look back over your work and make sure everything looks great!

Check your trimming styleLocation of mosfet transistors