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Build Instructions, Page 3 / 6

Looking for shorter instructions? Look no further. We’ve prepared a shorter page with the suggested soldering order.

Step 4: Add 10k resistors

There are six 10k resistors to add, on the right-hand side of the board. They are all in the ‘vertical’ orientation, so for each resistor, bend over one lead, like in the previous step. Put the resistors through their holes, flip the board over, and solder them in. Trim the leads as normal.

Location of 10k resistors

Step 5: Capacitors

There are two capacitors to add in this step. The first is a small yellow ceramic capactor. It is not polarized, and belongs in the upper-left part of the board next to two resistors. The electrolytic capacitor looks like a small blue and silver cylinder. This type of capacitor is polarized, with a positive (+) leg and negative (-) leg, and must be inserted properly. The negative leg is usually labeled on the side of the capacitor itself, and is shorter than the positive leg. The positive leg is labeled on the board with a small + sign.

Capacitor polarization markingsLocation of capacitors