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Build Instructions, Page 2 / 5

Looking for shorter instructions? Look no further. We’ve prepared a shorter page with the suggested soldering order.

Step 2: Push Buttons

The push-buttons are used to adjust the settings of the Tap-Tempo Metronome including pattern tempo. You should be able to push the buttons right into the indicated holes in the PCB. You want the plastic base of the button to press right up against the PCB.

Installed push buttonsBoard location

Place the two buttons on the PCB on the spots labeled SW2 and SW3. They should fit pretty snug. Turn the PCB over.

Solder buttonsTurn board over

Use your soldering iron to heat up the leg of the button and the ring around the hole at the same time. Push a little bit of solder on the ring. The solder should melt and flow around the hole. If you’re having trouble, make sure the tip of your iron is tinned and shiny. Remember to heat up the pad and the pin, and you don’t need to apply a lot of solder. Don’t try to use the iron like a paintbrush. Solder all four legs of each button.

Step 3: Seven Segment Displays

Now that you’ve gotten warmed up and practiced some soldering, it’s time to tackle the seven segment displays. Place the seven segments in the board, taking care to keep the decimal points at the bottom. It might help the alignment if you use a rubberband to secure the three seven segments against the board.

Secure seven-segment displays with a rubber bandSecure seven-segment displays with a rubber band

Flip the board over and put it on a flat surface like a table. Solder one leg on each display, and flip the board back over. Make sure the displays are firm against the board, and check for alignment.If the displays are crooked, you can reheat the junction and nudge the display. When you’re happy with the alignment, solder the remaining legs of the displays. The pins might look too close together, but they’re definitely solderable.

Trim leadsSoldering Displays

Trim the leads with your diagonal cutter pliers. Whew! It’s all downhill from here!