Blinky POV and Blinky GRID RAW Programming

This webpage will let you design and upload new messages to your Blinky POV or Blinky GRID kit. First, you should enter in one or more messages in the first section below. Once your messages are prepared, section 2 below will let you transmit the new message(s) to your Blinky kit.

1. Create Messages

Enter in a raw message string and it will be converted and programmed into your blinky kit.

message_data - The array of byte values to transmit, including the message wrapper data (this is exactly what we want to be in eeprom).

message_data hex (readonly)

xmit_data (readonly) - An array of byte values that should be transmitted via blinky protocol. It is message_data after it has been partitioned and checksummed into our intel-hex-like wrapper format.

xmit_data hex (readonly)

xmit_raw (readonly) - An array of 0/1 values, generated from xmit_data.

2. Programming

Enter programming mode: Hold down the button while turning on the power switch. Release the button. Hold the Blinky up to the screen. Be sure to align the sensors correctly: The sensor labeled C points to clock, and D points to data. Press and release the button when you're ready to begin transmission. Press the Go button to start.

Check out this awesome animated guide to programming!


Delay (ms):